Cantilevers are used for storing of a large variety of long size goods as for example timber, tubes, beams, rails, long boxes, profiles, profiled sheets, plates, panels and many others.

Cantilever are very much used in Europe but for the moment less in Russia. However forward-looking directors of the Russian companies who want to increase efficiency of working space usage, as for example using the walls of the factories, storehouses and showrooms more efficiently, are more and more showing interest in this solution.

Our Flexible Cantilever System is made of special bolted “SIGMA” profiles supplied in a kit made that can be mounted and dismounted thus changing location and composition or integrating new additional elements in any moment.

This is very important because the long lasting system is designed to work for many years and during this time it often necessary to move or to change its configuration or dimensions.

Installation is simple in fact, in various cases and if required, under our supervision it is possible for the customer warehouse workers to install the cantilevers by themselves following simple instructions.

It is also possible to install on our Flexible Cantilever System special optional such as shelves, special coil and barrel holders and customized nonstandard elements.

Due to our modern, automatically produced Flexible Cantilever System we can offer very competitive prices. It is explained by the fact that we are the only company at the Russian market that produces cantilevers in automatic mode on the most modern European production lines.

Each customer who is interested in an offer for cantilevers can count on professional assistance and attentive attitude of our skilled specialists.

All certified with Conformity and Sanitary Certifications


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