Metal flooring

We produce Metal Flooring, with loading capacity up to 2000 kg and more per square meter, by a unique advanced technology and has no analogues in its price/quality and price/loading capacity ratio today in Russia.

Depending on appliances the floor can be of three types:

  • open (anti-slip open surface with embossed anti-fire perforation and  transversal ribs)
  • closed (anti-slip closed embossed surface with pins and squeezed grooves)
  • smooth (flat surface).

It can be made of steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum with thickness of 1,2 mm, 1,5 mm, 2,0 mm and length from 0,2 to12 m.

Side holes of the floor give possibility to fix it to form a rigid and stable construction.

Quality profiled flooring are popular among the owners of the premises where observing of fire safety norms is important. 

Anti-slip features of our floor are useful in those fields where underfoot safety is important: floor for scaffolding, elements of lifting platforms for cars, floor for platforms at height etc.   Profiled flooring is often installed in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and other cities as an important element of car lifting platforms. It is related to the fact that galvanized profiled flooring has a surface that doesn’t slip and bears significant loads.

Our company produces profiled flooring according to European quality standards offering to buy profiled flooring at reasonable prices. Profiled flooring is produced at modern equipment, due to this our profiled flooring is offered at a significantly lower prices than the average prices offered in Russia by other companies.

Who is interested in our unique price/quality offer can count on assistance of our specialists. They will help to choose the correct flooring taking into account individual demands.

All certified with Conformity Certificates.


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