Modern Flexible Mezzanines Systems are becoming more and more popular especially among pragmatic and forward-looking directors of the Russian companies who want to increase efficiency of storage space usage thus reducing costs.

In a factory or storehouse where light piece goods or goods packed in small packages are processed or stored, both manually or automatically,  a modern way to increase useful storing space is the installation of multilevel mezzanines.

Mezzanines may also be just platforms (one or several) supported by special columns fixed to the floor.

They allow creating additional space on different levels that can be used for different purposes as for example additional working place of the personnel or additional storage areas for goods on shelving/racking or just on the floor of each level.

Multilevel storing system has got its wide expansion due to the fact that its usage gives possibility to process different goods on several levels simultaneously.

A modern storing center, doesn’t matter the dimensions, differs from an old one mainly because of the bigger percentage of space used.

Mezzanines are produced on the base of standard parts and specially produced parts. We design and produce all the necessary components, including flooring, stairs, gates and barriers.

Our production range reaches the 14 m height and more and 8 different number of levels (storeys) of mezzanine.

Each client who is interested in mezzanines can apply to our skilled specialists who can help to make the right choice with optimal ratio of price and quality.


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