Storage of medium-light weight goods and goods in boxes  on metal shelves has application in many fields as for example mezzanines in big storehouses, storehouses, shops, offices, archives and showrooms.

When required a super loading capacity our shelves may be used also for domestic multi-purpose storing.

The standard domestic shelves in kit sold in the supermarkets have a maximum loading capacity of 200 50 kg per level while our heavy-duty shelves have a loading capacity up to 500 kg per level.

Shelves Types:

  • Opened Anti-Skid and Anti-Fire Shelves
  • Closed Anti-Skid Shelves
  • Closed Flat Shelves


  • Zinc-plated Steel
  • Powder coated steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum

Our Flexible Shelving System covers a wide range of dimensions and, as a consequence a great number of possible shelving configurations and a wide range of storage needs.

Special clamping systems allow an easy and fast change of shelves composition also long time after the first installation.

To assemble our shelves it is not necessary to ask our intervention. Warehouse workers can install metal shelves by themselves following simple instructions written in installation manual or given by our technical assistance.

Our flexible and combinable Shelving System is the correct solution to store light weight and middle weight goods, piece-goods as well as goods packed in boxes or containers at a reasonable price acceptable for many Russian Companies.

A set of additional elements such as stoppers, spacers, bars for clothes, side and back panels, doors etc. are available to fulfil the customer needs.

Using the elements of our Shelving System it is possible to produce also archive cabinets, gravitational and mobile shelves. Exactly this multipurpose construction allows customizing a storehouse space but also an archive or an office.

Using the elements of our Shelving System it is possible to produce also mezzanines up to 14 m and more height with different number of levels (storeys).

Aisles between the shelves are covered by special metal flooring that is fixed to a special L-profile to form a smooth strong anti-fire and anti-skid, long lasting floor.

Such a modern construction of mezzanines grant an extremely competitive final price compared to traditional mezzanines.

All certified with Conformity and Sanitary Certifications.


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