Special metal profiles

Production of Special Metal Profiles starting from coils
and according to customer’s technical requirements

  • Special Metal Profiles according to customer drawings or sketches
  • thickness from 0,2 to 6 mm thickness
  • material Tensile Strength up to 1400 Mpa
  • operations executed in the Automatic Production Line; decoliling, straightening, punching, notching, embossing, roll-forming, bending, welding and cut to required length

Alongside a wide range of profiles already produced by our company on modern roll-forming lines we can produce special profiles according to your technical requirements.

In case of need of any profile, the client sends us an offer request (RFQ) which must include, along with drawings or sketches, the type of material and the amount of profiles required (km per month - km per year).

The profiles may be used in metallurgy, automobile construction, construction (bearing profiles as well as decorative profiles, metal doors, window profiles, decking, scaffolding), energetics (profiles for solar battery systems, control cabinets parts, e.t.c.), road construction, furniture production, electrical appliances, electric cabinets, cable trays, silage, agriculture and many other industry and national economy fields.

We can produce profiles of different materials (aluminium, copper, steel (cold-rolled, hot-rolled, galvanized, powder-coated metal, stainless, and others), including steel with TS up to 1400 N/SQMM with thickness from 0,2 to 6 mm, with sections of any complexity, including welded ones. 
It is possible to produce profiles from coils supplied by us as well as from coils supplied by the client.


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