Special solutions

Alongside standard constructions such as pallet and console shelving, METALFORMING Shelving Logistic offers a number of special solutions fabricated on the base of standard shelving with modifications according to the client’s specific demands.

Mobile Racking and Gravitational Shelves/Racking are produced individually against the client’s order according to the load flow arrangement logic in the client’s warehouse.

Mobile racking

Mobile Shelving is used when it is necessary to have an extreme space optimization that may be required due to the impossibility to increase storing space or due to the need to keep the inside temperature of the store fixed, for example cold rooms. With this system it is possible in some cases to double the goods stored but the cost of the system is relevant.

Mobile shelving works on the principle of eliminating the fixed aisles between one row of shelving and the other. Only one or two aisles are left and the rows of shelves or portapallets racks move on rails in order to free the aisle where in that moment it is necessary to have access to the goods.

Mobile Shelving can be based on:

  • Our Standard Shelves. Example of applications; archives, banks, hospitals, public administration, museums, libraries.
  • Our Portapallets/Cantilevers Racking with loading capacity up to 20 Tons per shoulder. Example of applications; cold stores or refrigerated stores for food, fixed temperature stores for specific goods, stores located in high density build areas with no possibility to expand, including storages of components and spare parts at the assembly site.

The Mobile Shelving based on our standard shelves may have the movement of the rows mechanically driven and operated by hand-wheel or electromechanically driven and operated by electric push-buttons from control panel.

The Mobile Shelving based on portapallets/cantilevers have the movement of the rows only electromechanically driven and operated by electric push-buttons from control panel due to the heavy weights of the rows of racks.

Dedicated software with various level of complexity are used in our systems to fulfil the specific needs of the clients and to guarantee the necessary security for the operators.

Our Mobile Shelving Systems are additionally completed with locks, stoppers, spacers, bars for clothes, side and back panels, doors and other accessories necessary to fulfil the clients’ needs.

Total security for the operators and for the goods are guaranteed.

Our Mobile Shelving Systems are certified and supplied with Conformity and Sanitary Certificates.

Gravitational Shelves/Racking

Gravitational Shelves and Racking are used for storing and processing of big number of homogeneous goods on boxes or on pallets. Such constructions allow not only compact storing of the goods, but also their transportation, increasing the level of usage of the whole storehouse and decreasing the quantity of loading equipment necessary for storehouse serving.

Gravitational Shelving/Racking consist of inclined roll-ways (roll paths for pallets or roll shelves for goods in boxes) on which the goods are placed.

The roll-ways allow a controlled slide of the goods to the off-load side. They are often used as buffering zones for accumulation of the goods in accepting/shipment area as well as for transferring of goods from storage area to processing/sale area.

Gravitational Racking are our drive-in rack equipped with roller ways.

Gravitational shelves for pallets consist of frames and rolled support installed on them at horizontal angle of 3-4 degrees.

The goods are loaded on them from the loading side. Then the goods following the gravitation move on the rollers to the unloading area providing quick goods turnover.

Travelling speed is adjusted by tensioning/braking roller.

Gravitation Shelving are our Shelving System equipped with inclined roller ways. The boxes are placed on the loading side and slide to the unload side. While using of this type of shelves the FIFO principle (first in, first out) is applied. The depth, width and height of the gravitational shelves depend on demands of the customer.

The main advantage of gravitational shelves is the possibility to off-load and load pallets of any level not being limited by the movement of the fork-lift truck on the isle as happens with the drive-in, saving at the same time all drive-in advantages, including an efficient usage of the storehouse useful space with the reduction of the amount of loading equipment thanks to gravitational transportation of goods “inside” the shelving.

The disadvantage is the complexity, weight and cost of the system compared to the drive-in system.



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