As per priorities, immediately after the necessary quality of the products, and the stability of the quality, come the Design.
We grant a team that has experience and capabilities to execute Modern Design continuously supported by Italian specialists.

For Pallet and Cantilever Racking, as well as Shelves and Mezzanines,  our team of designers has strict orders to calculate the projects using the highest safety coefficients always and in any case also when this damages the possibility to take an order, this may happen specially during tenders.

Design is important for all products but even more for mezzanines. Demands of customers often differ one from the other,  thanks to our truly vast range of mezzanines products  we are often able to satisfy these demands. Of course this happens only if the process is integrated by an intelligent and modern Customized Design.

It is our standard to send our technicians to the clients store to take the dimensions and to discuss with the customer preliminary solutions in order to be able to better customize the projects.


When required we can organize the delivery of our goods, both in Russia and abroad.


When required we supply the service of installation made by a teams of expert operators.


We offer to our customer’s a Maintenance Program where we supply the service of maintenance of the supplied goods for the following next 5 or 10 or 20 years. The program depends on the type of shelving supplied, on the use and location of it.


Our sales specialists will contact you.